Zhejiang Dieter: High-quality products create high-strength bolt brand

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High-strength bolt is a kind of mechanical accessory, which is made of high-strength steel or a bolt that needs a large pre-tightening force, and can be called high-strength bolt. It is widely used in the connection of construction machinery, bridges, automobiles, high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage equipment. According to regulations, bolts with performance grade above 8.8 are called high-strength bolts. It can be said that this kind of product has penetrated into all aspects of our lives invisibly, and its market universality is beyond doubt, and its potential is limitless. In 2001, China joined the WTO. This important event has many impacts on the construction machinery industry, the biggest of which is the intensification of competition. As a mechanical equipment closely related to the construction machinery industry, the market of high-strength bolts is facing unprecedented competition: the increase of domestic manufacturers, the rise of raw material prices and labor costs, and customers' "fastidiousness" about quality ... In this unprecedented competitive market environment, Zhejiang Dieter High Strength Bolt Company (hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang Dieter) stands out with its high-quality products, excellent service and innovative thinking, and has become a leader in the industry competition. Is Zhejiang Dieter really as good as we said? What kind of struggle does it have? What is its winning strategy? With questions, machinery network reporter of HC Engineering interviewed Zhejiang Dieter, and Shao Yunfang, the general manager, introduced the relevant situation to us on behalf of the enterprise.

24 years: Xiongguan Man Road is as good as iron.

It can be said that Zhejiang Dieter is a senior in the industry!

In October, 1985, Zhejiang Dieter High-Strength Bolt Co., Ltd. (formerly Dongtou County Dieter High-Strength Bolt Co., Ltd.) was formally registered and established in Dongtou County, on the coast of the East China Sea. Under the guidance of Shao Yunan, the chairman of the board of directors, the company started its pioneering work in a workshop-style processing factory of less than 500m2. With a flick of a finger, 24 years of hardships, with both glory and glory. After the bold attempt and exploration of scientific researchers, Dieter developed 10.9 and 12.9 high-strength bolts with domestic advanced quality level in 1992, which was recognized by the National Quality and Technical Supervision Center, and became a golden business card for domestic well-known enterprises for a long time. Since then, its sales have risen sharply. In 2004, Dongtou Dieter High Strength Bolt Co., Ltd. was promoted to Zhejiang Dieter High Strength Bolt Co., Ltd. Dieter has risen from a county-level enterprise to a provincial-level enterprise, but this is true and worthy of the name. After the promotion, the company began its qualitative leap: in 2005, Dieter invested heavily to build a high-strength bolt production base of more than 8,000 square meters (including a building area of more than 6,000 square meters) in Wen Yang Industrial Zone, Dongtou County, and started production, and the production scale of the enterprise expanded unprecedentedly.

Just a few years ago, diversification has become the only way for all walks of life to survive and develop, and Dieter is at the forefront in this respect. In 2006, more than 40 million yuan was invested to build a commercial and residential building integrating hotel, culture and entertainment, and the idea of diversification and collectivization gradually started.

Good wine is not afraid of the deep alley. Dieter has superior technical products, excellent service quality and development ideas that keep pace with the times, which naturally attracts the attention of the international market. In May 2006, Golubov, CEO of BONUS-K-RESURS Company in Belarus, visited and signed a cooperation agreement, which became an important milestone in the development of the company. Since then, the company has obtained the right of independent export management, and its products are continuously exported to the United States, South Africa, Australia and other countries.

With the continuous expansion of the market and the continuous upgrading of products, Dieter's production and sales have increased year after year. Compared with 2008, the annual output value in 1985 has achieved a growth rate of more than 25 per decade. Facts have proved that these 24 years of rapid development are also 24 years of rapid quality improvement. The products have made great achievements in appearance, performance, reliability and other aspects, and have reached the advanced level of similar products in China. Enterprises also occupy a leading position in the industry.

What I want to share with people in the industry now is how Zhejiang Dieter made today's achievements.


Di Te General Manager Shao Yunfang

Products: Advanced technology and innovation.

As mentioned earlier, Zhejiang Dieter's leading products are high-strength bolts and nuts, which are widely used in construction machinery, automobiles, petrochemicals, bridges, wind power and other industries. The core products are grade 10.9 and grade 12.9 high-strength bolts. The main features of these two types of high-strength bolts are that the wear resistance of the head is improved and the service life of the bolts is prolonged. They are listed as key scientific and technological projects in Dongtou County in 2007, and have been accepted. Among them, the quality upgrade of grade 12.9 high-strength bolts was recommended by Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and reported to Zhejiang Quality Overtaking Project.

Recently, there is good news-Zhejiang Dieter has developed a new product, 13.9-grade high-strength bolt. According to the R&D personnel, this product adopts international standards, and its main features are: (1) High tensile breaking strength. (2) It has low notch sensitivity. (3) It has high toughness and plasticity. (4) It has delayed fracture resistance. (5) Low P.S content.

It is understood that the highest national standard bolt on the market at present is Grade 12.9, while the new product Grade 13.9 high-strength bolt has a higher breaking strength than Grade 12.9 bolt: when the tensile strength of Grade 12.9 bolt is improved, its plasticity index is only 44%, while that of Grade 13.9 bolt is 45%.

At present, this new product has not been put on the market hastily. In the spirit of being responsible to customers, Zhejiang Dieter only tries it out in the qualified units that put in the trial-produced new products, and continues to track the quality and performance of the products. It is expected that it will be put on the market by the end of December 2009. Authorities say that when new products come online, the market will be considerable.

Service: Honesty, compliance and customer first.

At present, Zhejiang Dieter mainly provides services for customers through service outlets. According to the person in charge of customer service, when encountering technical problems in service, the company's quality engineers receive domestic quality complaint calls, and they must arrive at the scene of quality accidents within 24 hours at the latest. At the same time, Dieter will interact with customers, and customers' satisfaction with products will be investigated at least once a year. In this way, Dieter's customer service can timely adjust the service defects and deficiencies according to customer needs.

Based on the service concept of "honesty, high efficiency and satisfaction", Dieter has won a good reputation among domestic and foreign customers. Foreign customers are satisfied with the quality of the company's products; This is especially true for domestic customers: the famous Shantui Machinery Co., Ltd. and Yuchai Engineering Company presented the honorary titles of "Excellent Supplier" and "Qualified Supplier" to Zhejiang Dieter in 2008.

Innovation: keeping pace with the times

At present, national leaders are talking about "introducing, digesting, absorbing, re-innovating" and "independent innovation". In the final analysis, there is only one word: innovation! In fact, not only the machinery industry, but also every industry is like this: innovation will keep pace with the times, and innovation will lead to a way out.

Di Te people know it well: in the past 24 years since its establishment, under the correct leadership of the chairman of the board of directors, the company has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, from a family workshop to a large-scale production growth enterprise. Compared with the past, great changes have taken place, which are mainly reflected in three aspects.

The first is management innovation. Zhejiang Dieter High Strength Bolt Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of continuous innovation. Over the years, Dieter has taken system construction as the core of strengthening management, making management in place, making the system have the final say, and making the management work have "laws" to follow and rules to follow. The enterprise has successively established a set of relatively perfect enterprise management and personnel management. The system improves the work efficiency, and plays a key guarantee role in foreign cooperation and economic activities. In the long-term practice, the company realized that the enterprise management under the condition of market economy is open, and the management should not only face the market, but also pay attention to the cost, capital, quality and other factors, and more importantly, the human factor. People-oriented management is the inherent requirement of the modernization of enterprises. In order to stimulate employees' innovative spirit and give full play to the "people-oriented" management concept, Dieter takes two measures: on the one hand, he stresses the ideological construction of employees and gives full play to the important role of party organizations and trade unions; On the one hand, it pays attention to the technical quality of employees, carries out professional and technical knowledge training, and through cultural and sports activities, it enriches the amateur cultural life of employees, improves the quality of employees, and strengthens the construction of enterprise culture.

The second is product innovation. Dieter focuses on product innovation around the market demand, focusing on developing products with good market prospects, high technical content and high added value, making them the key to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Through years of development, the company's products have reached nut and bolt series, with more than 100 varieties, and the sales revenue of new products accounts for 60% of the total output value of the company. The development of products needs good production conditions to ensure. Therefore, Dieter seized the opportunity of the market and tracked and introduced 23 international advanced technologies and key equipment, especially the domestic advanced tensile machine, metallographic structure analyzer, hardness tester, impact test, salt spray test, etc., which can accurately detect the tensile strength and elongation after fracture of high-strength bolts. At the same time, Dieter also puts the product quality on the goal of "world-class", pays close attention to the product quality, and gradually explores the domestic and international markets.

The third is technological innovation. Di Te people deeply realize that only by vigorously developing technological innovation projects can enterprises not be subject to others in their development. Therefore, while developing production, the company has always attached great importance to technological innovation with me as its main task. In recent years, the company has made remarkable achievements in technological innovation, In 2000, the company's project research team successfully developed the Trial Production of Internal Expansion Bolt Series Products, the Trial Production of Drill Rod Q/DLB-YC110 in 2002, and the Improvement Project of Heat Treatment Production Line reported to the County Science and Technology Bureau in 2005, which was listed as the key scientific and technological project in Dongtou County in 2006. In 2007, the technical development team studied the technical bottleneck of the wear resistance of crawler bolt heads. It was listed as the "Best Achievement Award" by the County Science and Technology Bureau. In 2008, the transformation of M14~M18 cold heading production line of Dieter Company increased the output by more than 20 times and saved 1,500 tons of standard coal. In 2008, the Research on Integrated Clean and Environmental Continuous Heat Treatment Technology and Process was listed as the key science and technology plan of Wenzhou. Many technological innovation projects, such as, have made the manufacturing technology of enterprises increasingly perfect, and formed a series of unique technologies and processes among peers, so that the company has maintained its technological leading edge in the industry.

Future: Strive to achieve collectivization in 2014.

Today, we are in a complex macroeconomic environment. Let's sum it up in one sentence: opportunities and challenges coexist!

The economic crisis in 2008 affected all walks of life, including construction machinery. Many foreign machinery manufacturing companies have stopped production, and the bolts exported from China have been seriously affected. Many foreign trade orders have been cancelled, and manufacturers specializing in the production of export bolts will undoubtedly make matters worse.

In response to the crisis, Dieter has taken measures such as improving process, independent innovation, saving energy, reducing consumption, upgrading industrial structure, and increasing market development. Fortunately, at present, the government adheres to the people's livelihood line and has successively implemented a number of policies to benefit the people. The 4 trillion investment has benefited the machinery and equipment industry, including Dieter, both directly and indirectly. The direct benefits are the road construction in the National People's Livelihood Project, the promotion of enterprise talents' qualifications, and the government subsidies for further study. At the same time, the factory building also enjoys preferential policies; Indirect benefits include the same performance in many aspects. The implementation of infrastructure, ecological environment and post-disaster reconstruction has undoubtedly promoted the development of machinery manufacturing industry, and the bolt market will enter a "hot" situation.

Faced with such opportunities, Dieter plans to increase market development, expand sales network and build quality brands in the next five years, and strive to achieve an output value of 150 million in 2014, so as to realize the company's collectivization.

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